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Wettie Signature 'Viper Pro' Spearguns

The Wettie Reef Pro Series of spearguns is designed and built in New Zealand by Darren Shields and his team at Wettie Spearfishing. You may ask “Just How good are these spearguns?” Well to answer that we suggest you go to “Wettie TV” on YouTube and check out all of the great fish the Wettie Team is taking down. You might also look at their spearfishing tournament results at the National and International levels. These spearguns are very well thought out, and built to be super accurate, bullet proof reliable and as durable they come. They are rigged with top quality components and utilize a straight forward design that will give you years of good use. Each gun comes rigged with a Red Tide 30 meter Spearfishing Reel, a 7.0 mm Spring Steel notched shaft, easy to load enclosed muzzle and dual 14.0 mm power bands. These spearguns are right at home hunting the bays, reefs, lakes, rock piles, rivers, and oil rigs and are ready to shoot great fish right out of the box. Worth the money.

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