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Spearfishing Stringers

Free Shipping!!! Australian Speedline Stringer: The name of this spearfishing stringer will probably wind up some South Africans! Anyway, it is designed to be used with your speargun You can connect it to the end of your floatline, then to your gun or you can slide it in to your weightbelt. After you shoot a fish, you simply slide the speedline needle through the gills and out the mouth of the fish. The fish will then slide down the floatline toward the float as you swim along. When you are done diving, you simply slide the fish off and into the cooler. These are also great for weighing your fish at a tournament. Just rig them up with some stainless steel cable and you can hold all your tournament fish on one stringer. Easy on and easy off.
Free Shipping!! Hawaiian Kewe Stringer: Designed to be worn around your waist or over your shoulder, this tried and true spearfishing stringer is the lightweight and fast stringing option you have been looking for. Simply attach some 400 lb mono to the stringer and measure it to fit your waist. Attach a quick link connector and a longline clip to the other end. You now have a quick and easy way to control your catch and continue hunting. The angled handle makes it super easy to push the stringer through the eyes or gills of any fish. When you return to the boat or beach you simply disconnect the quick link and your catch slides right off the mono and into to the cooler.

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