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Red Tide Tournament Series Spearguns

Free Shipping!! All new for 2024. Our Tournament Series Spearguns have been redesigned with a new muzzle, new shafts, new triggers, new handle, and new barrel. Yes everything is new and improved. The new handle and trigger mechanism is made by our friends at Ermes Sub. The the new Ermes double roll trigger mechanism provides the smoothest shooting trigger in the industry. The new handle is now ergonomic for either left handed shooters or right handed shooters. The new muzzle keeps the bands inline with the trigger for better accuracy and shot placement. Finally the new aluminum barrel has structural ridges running the length of the barrel that adds strength and removes any flex caused from tight loading bands.

These spearguns are the perfect guns for Tournament Hunting inshore, offshore and lakes, when shot placement and reliability is everything. Great for all types of fish like grouper, snapper, stripers, sheepshead, bass, taug, carp etc.  Our simple well laid out platform offers spot on accuracy as shown in our Youtube and Instagram Videos. You won't find a better gun near this price point anywhere.

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