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3/8 American Threaded

FREE SHIPPING!! Our 3/8 American Mech Shafts come with 6 sharkfin loading tabs. The threaded tip has been necked down to 5/16 threads for better slip tip options. Available in 67 inch or 72 inch lengths.

Our 17-4 Stainless Steel shafts are heat treated to improve overall strength, resist bending, and minimize shaft whip. We design them to fit the more popular American mechanism spearguns (Riffe, Wong, Hatch, Koah, Kap, Blacktip, Impaler, Deathstick, as well as any custom gun using Neptonic, Alexander, Kitto and Speardiver triggers.) Our smooth Sharkfins work great in both open and closed track spearguns. Just what you need for big game hunting.

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