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Red Tide Pure Carbon Double Roller Spearguns

Free Shipping!! These special edition pure carbon spearguns come in 85 cm, 95, cm, 105 cm, 115 cm, 125 cm and 135 cm sizes and utilize a custom made Ermes Sub Double Staggered Roller Muzzle, and an Ermes Sub Double Roll Trigger Mechanism. The carbon Cuttlefish design brings you perfect balance in the water. Super easy and accurate to aim and shoot. They will also come rigged with your choice of a Red Tide 30 meter or 50 meter reel pre-installed in our shop. These guns are right at home hunting either inshore or offshore where you think you would like the power of a double roller speargun. These light weight pure carbon spearguns are also great to bring along on those international spearfishing trips where travel weight is a concern.

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