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Red Tide G3 Roller Polespear

FREE SHIPPING!! Our New Generation 3 Roller Polespears are Fire! Whether you are hunting the reef or hunting the bluewater, we have a spear designed to fit your needs. We have been testing different carbon fiber and different designs over the past 5 years and are now producing what we believe to be the best polespear in the industry. The goal of a great polespear is to be fast and strong. We have achieved this with our new carbon fiber mixture, connection points, and design elements. The only thing we have saved from our G1 and G2 Spears is the slip tip and injector rods. We have totally redesigned our spears by beefing up all of the connection points, lighten up the rear of the spear and toughened up the front of the spear. Like our G1 Polespears we continue to focus on balance and bring you a spear that is more accurate and easy to shoot. Now available in standard sling and roller sling versions in sizes from 6 ft all the way up to 11 ft.

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