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Red Tide Belt Reel

FREE SHIPPING!!! 50 Meter Red Tide Belt Reel - Custom designed to meet our specifications; these are the best belt reels available for serious spearfishing!  The quick release safety design allows for you to disconnect your belt reel from your belt with just a simple tug. This feature alone makes it the best belt reel available. In addition, you will find that our simple, smooth, easy-to-adjust drag system and a large, folding-fast retrieve crank handle give you everything you ever wanted in a belt reel. Extra rigid, one-piece construction reel cage plus stainless-steel spindle and spindle base are made to withstand big fish pressure when you need it. Six different colored Spectra reel line options sold separately below in the order drop down.

Add Spectra line and a clip (6 color lines, red , yellow, pink, blue, green)

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