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Speargun Equipment

September 18, 2015

The speargun equipment, whose operation plays a key role in the performance and the operation of the gun, represents an essential part of any spear gun.

The main requirement for all equipment is, of course, its perfect operation and its resistance to the influences of sea water and sunlight.

Even good spear guns can prove to be commercially unattractive if the manufacturer does not pay enough attention to the quality of selected equipment.

From among the speargun equipment for the spear gun, the following important parts must be considered: harpoon, slings, wish bone, trigger mechanisms (usually considered as part of the spear gun), reel, line, nylon, Ball bearing Swivels and some other small parts.

Each manufacturer chooses speargun equipment, which they believe suit their product the best. There is a wide range of products from different manufacturers on the market and above all, a very wide range as regards to quality and price.

Decisions are, therefore, sometimes the result of a compromise between quality and price. The same criteria often influences the decision of the final customer in the selection and purchase of the spear gun.

Speargun swivel
Coastlock Snap Ball Bearing Swivel
Manufacturers of spearguns are divided into those (and they are usually smaller manufacturers), who choose to purchase speargun equipment with specialized manufacturers, however, major brands of spear guns usually develop and manufacture most of such equipment by themselves.

The final decision is left to the spear fishing enthusiasts whether to reach for top quality products with more sophisticated equipment, from the highest quality materials and perhaps costing more money, or will the product price be the first selection criteria rather than the quality of equipment? Its reliability, of course, being a less important decisive factor.

Certainly the consequences of saving on equipment by buying cheaper materials usually take place in the most inappropriate moments, for example, when catching bigger fish.

The following equipment has to pass severe tests: line with its carrying capacity, reel with its performance and structural strength, and ultimately, the harpoon, where barbs are proven (or not), notches, toggle, quality of steel finishing and all in all, the finishing edges of the harpoon, which are in contact with line or nylon.

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